Our life coaching programme



Our life coaching programme

How life coaching will help you


Vista's coaching vision

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Many world class sports people and business people, although experts and top in their field, have coaches.


Often what really prevents us from attaining our potential is outside of our own awareness.

Your Life Coach

You can count on your Life Coach to believe in your vision, often more than you do.

Your Life Coach will challenge your assumptions, listen to your experiences and motivate you to take actions that align with your vision. This will trigger shifts in your perception and performance.

Most of all, your Life Coach will lend their experience to you as you grow, learn and rise to the challenge of reaching your potential.

The partnership between you and your coach is a confidential.

Your Program

Vista Coaching Partnerships are individually tailored to each client. Coaching helps individuals, develop their visions, think creatively, set goals and achieve outstanding results.

The heart of coaching entails rigorous questioning of long held assumptions, beliefs and ideas upon which people base their lives. This requires a commitment to communication, and learning, coupled with a willingness to listen, make choices and then take action.

Your Investment

Vista Life Coaching is based on regular scheduled contact.

You need a strong commitment to the coaching process and this means setting aside time for scheduled sessions and fieldwork. You will need to be personally motivated to learn, grow and achieve.

Getting Started

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To enable you to select a coach you can build a trusting partnership with, I will make a time to meet with you to discuss what coaching may be able to offer you, and to also provide you with an experience of coaching at no obligation or charge to you.

Remember, you are under no obligation to choose Vista Coaching.  It is important to choose someone you know you can work with.


Life coaching is for people who are well
Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, and should not be used as a substitute for formal medical or psychological assistance. If you have been under the care of a mental health practitioner, I recommend discussing the appropriateness of life coaching to your personal situation.

To contact a mental health practitioner in your area, please try the Yellow Pages