Freedom Through Coaching - if you have ever had a dream of achieving more, or given up on something you really want, then we have something that can make a difference for you

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You may have heard or read lots of different things about coaching, I can only tell you what I provide as a coach. In a nut shell, I partner people to discover what deeply satisfies and inspires them, and then support them to achieve that.
You can have deep fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Coaching is one powerful tool to provide this, and one worth investigating.

What results can you expect?
Coaching results are different for individual people. However some of the most reported are, a greater sense of joy and satisfaction in life. Increased self awareness and confidence. Clarity of vision and purpose, as well as the ability to achieve goals that where previously thought unachievable.

About Liz Riversdale

Liz Riversdale has been working as a coach for the past 10 years. She has assisted many individuals to discover and realise their own vision and purpose.

Prior to becoming a coach Liz has worked as a counsellor, lecturer, and manager . Liz's training includes a Masters of Counselling, and three years training as a coach through Ark Learning Solutions.

While Liz's training and experience provides the background of her skill it is her passion for facilitating individuals potential and her ability to create effective coaching relationships that is at the heart of what makes her an exceptional coach.

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